Mojave & Ajax

Happy FIFTH Birthday Mr. Mo!
13 mar 2005

VIDEO: Mojave 3
13 mar 2003

Happy Hedgehog Day!
02 feb 2002

Ajax: Passed out
29 nov 2001

10 nov 2001

31 oct 2001
Still adjusting to his new home (and human!)
27 oct 2000

Mojave smiling
2 nov 2000

2 nov 2000

Ajax, somewhat shocked by the Hedgehog Day activities
2 feb 2001

Ajax exploring Bambam's turf
2 feb 2001

The Birthday Pog: Mojave is 1-y.o.
13 mar 2001

Surprised by the camera
13 mar 2001

"Get My Good Side!" -- He would not sit still during this session
13 mar 2001

Looking for snacks
13 mar 2001

Who Goes There?!
13 mar 2001

Ajax in his tunnel
13 mar 2001

Ajax digging in my hair (shrug)
13 mar 2001

Close enough?
13 mar 2001

Ajax' pretty quills
13 mar 2001
We Love You Mr. Ajax

R.I.P. 5 dec 2001

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Miscellaneous Have you seen the hedgies in Björk's music video?

Here's a video of hedgehog mayhem in San Francisco from Sega's Sonic Adventure 2 video game (click picture)
6.6mb MPEG video
All Your Mealworm Are Belong To Us
A quick summary of what we like to eat
(outdated - sorry)

Spontex Sponges commercial starring a European hedgehog (click picture)
1mb MPEG video
A rather ominous poem by Paul Muldoon
Bambam and PJ
Amy & Michael's hedgies
Amy helped me find Mojave, then she got PJ who happened to be Mojave's Uncle

Thanks: Michael Minnich for 2nov00 and 2feb01 photos; Jon Ross for use of his camera circa 2001; Jason Roe for use of video camera

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