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Ajax Hedgehog

This montage consists of random footage from our last 3 days together. Mr. Ajax expressed a desire for nice photos so I borrowed my housemate's Sony VX-1000 DV Cam. A Blue G3 running Apple's iMovie 1.0 edited the footage.

The music is Golden Vein by the Cocteau Twins, one of the hedgehogs' favorite bands. There is an alternate sound track for this video with a song called Centrifuge by Rainer Maria, another hedgehog favorite. Centrifuge is about feeling helpless caring for a terminally ill loved one. Here is the alternate soundtrack.

Both videos are ~4mb Quicktime 5 format.

Download using right button (Win) or control+click (Mac) to choose "Save Link..." or "Download Link..." from the contextual menu


R.I.P. 5 Dec 2001
Ajax passed away peacefully in his sleep on 5 December 2001. He fought a valiant battle with WHS and remained good spirited and loving until the end.

He asked that he be remembered "on my picture shelf" but I have none. What he must have meant was on the computer screens he saw me spend so much time gazing upon.

These are photos of our last days together.
Video stills:
Captivating Hedgie
Such a handsome boy! If the camera were a bit lower, you'd see he was smiling
Warmth and backrubs are a WHS hedgie's favorite things
Sir Ajax
I think he looks like a chess piece
My Comfy Bed
Mr. Ajax in his hedgie hat with an orphaned sock futon
Close-up, all tucked in.
Ajax' favorite place to sleep was curled up in the warmth of my palm
Tell Me A Story
Although anti-social when we first met, once we got to know each other he was always amiable and curious. Here he's asking me about digital video production: "How does that big camera work?"
Bonus Shot
A Human With A View
This footage wasn't very good, but this is a nice shot of him peeking out from between the zippered neck of a a fleece sweater